Intuitive Readings and Energy work

Lately I've been gifted with more and more guidance and teachings into energy work and intuitive readings. 

Sometimes we just feel stuck in our lives, or maybe experience some unclear general discomfort, so we call in for guidance and open the session not knowing where it wants to go. This kind of session helps coping and navigating life, unburdening from unwanted and limiting energies and patterns.

We talk, we feel, we share, and magic happens.

Thanks so much Ilaria for the energy session. The set up itself was weird for me: phone by phone. But it's corona time, isn't it?!? My expectations: curiosity and big wondering eyes.

Through the meeting I felt the creation, the unfolding of a trustful atmosphere, allowing me to sink deeper into myself. Clouds were moving, the inner sky became clear. Seeing me connecting to my powerful source, not burdened by doubts, not left with question marks. Everything I need is already there, nothing is missing. This image is since with me, checking with reality growing roots in me, changing effortless my approach to life. Gratitude to the guidance and to the experience. Thank you Ilaria! Layo, Therapist

flower reading

Flower Reading is an intuitive reading where the clients who want to look at some aspect of their life from a different point of view can be guided to tap into their deeper wisdom and look at what’s happening in the present from a different angle, which are the energies that are unfolding in their life in the present moment, and how they might be related to their personality and their soul.

It came to me as an unexpected gift, a real surprise flowering out of my heartfelt connection with Bach Flowers, and something unique usually happens with it for most of the clients, but how does it work?


Flower reading is different for everyone. Depending on the person’s issues, focus can be on anything from releasing stagnating energy and past trauma, working through a current hardship, or helping a client to activate their highest potential and life work or make a difficult decision. Sometimes it can just be about finding a more real connection with their own inner guidance to make the next moves, or to better understand what's going on in a certain situation.

Intuitive readings do not read the future. Instead, they read a person’s energy, thru empathic listening and intuition.

your experience

"Within the quietude of your instinct, you don’t think but feel which colour speaks to you, there and then.

It’s not about a colour you love to wear or really dislike since you were little, a few hues truly vibrate on the page here and now and whisper “pick me”. 

And then the insights from Ilaria begin to unravel - gently, honestly, and you hear what the chosen flower colours represent.

And then she delves deeper and she unravels what they represent and mean FOR YOU.

Uncomfortable truths, real illuminations.

Because they belong to you, and they are being expressed by your choices, driven by your inner needs often hidden from yourself.

What we don't want to hear, or face, or admit that we are struggling with.

It’s not all overwhelmingly dark.

Strengths are highlighted too, and the inner resources that we have within ourselves are brought to the surface as ways of moving forwards.

There is no judgement, only support. Direction. Ilaria shines a light towards certain paths you could take, where Bach flowers grow either side, because Mother Nature is all about balance." Betty, Artist